Tip #1 - What to Wear to Polo?

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We often get asked when inviting someone new to polo, “what do I wear?”.  Many of us think of the polo scene from “Pretty Woman” and Julia Roberts in stylish designer dress and matching hat.  While that would be nice, most of us don’t have the same resources as Richard Greer!  Truth is there are only a few simple rules to remember when dressing for a polo match.


Tip #2 What is The Champagne Divot Stomp?

Tip #2 – What is the Champagne Divot Stomp?

"My only regret in life is that I did not drink more Champagne."
John Maynard Keynes, American writer (1883 - 1946).

Drinking champagne while stomping divots is a tradition in polo. It serves at least 2 purposes, it gets the crowds out on the field to enjoy a stretch and a walk on the field at half time, and it helps the game by repairing the divots that the ponies create on the polo field.  Perhaps too, the champagne makes the crowd cheer louder!

During either half time or between games, the spectators are invited out on to the field and provided a glass of champagne to sip on.  This is a time to meet and socialize, show off that fabulous hat, let the kids loose, take the dogs for a walk (on a leash please!) and stretch your legs after a delicious lunch.  You also get to see how big that field really is!  On a beautiful day, walking around on a beautiful lawn, with a glass of bubbly, there is no better place to be!


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Secondly, while playing the horses create divots with their hooves.  The grass will repair itself if put back in place and pressed back down with your foot.  Removing the divots helps the ball travel straighter while being hit, and protects the horses from tripping or falling in a hole.  A field can recover from a game quite nicely if spectators help the process, and can improve the following chukkas.



So answer the call to come out to and stomp divots!  You will be rewarded for your efforts with a lovely glass of champagne, and a safer game!
See you out on the field!

What to do at Polo

A day at polo is a great day for the whole family!

Our polo tournament will feature 2 exciting final games between the champions of each division.  A boutique vendors area, entertainment for the children, gourmet catered food (available with table purchase) or a spot for an afternoon picnic.  We have a pink pony parade where the ponies get decorated in pink and judged in front of the crowd.

Between games we invite all of the spectators out onto our field to help stomp divots which is a tradition at polo matches.  Everyone can marvel at the size of the field where the game is played and the distance the ponies are running at top speed.

The action in each game is called from our announcers stand to keep you on track with the plays and educate the crowd on the interesting points about the game in general.

Field-side tables are available for purchase,  from gourmet catered Paddock enclosures to field-side umbrella picnic tables, enjoy lunch while seated right next to the action!  Please see our Reserved Table Information tab for more details.

Photos by Northern Polo

Many of our photos are by Northern Polo, please visit them at www.northernpolo.com

Reserved Tables

Glamourous TableEnjoy a field side table at Polo For the Cure. Listen to the thundering hooves galloping to victory and the crowd cheering for their favorite team. Invite friends and family for a fabulous experience and enjoy the “glamour of polo”. 


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